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TREND ALERT: COSMIC TOUCH featuring space-inspired clothing and accessories + nebula prints

Photo 1- 1) Supernova Aurora Borealis Earrings - Hand Painted, Cosmic Space, Glass 18mm Leverback Earrings Antique Gold Setting Jewelry from (Php 1506.39) from ETSY.COM; 2)  JEFFREY CAMPBELL Cosmic Litas; 3) The Black Knight: butter LONDON: Long Live Nails from BUTTERLONDON; 4) Galaxy Space Pendant Necklace - Design Pair D - Double Sided (221.31 Php); 5) Orion Nebuka School Bag (Small); 6) Nebula Bow in Blue from ELECTRIC ALICE

Photo 2: 1) Magellanic Light Cotton Dress from SHADOWPLAYNYC (Php 9132.43); 2) Nebula Dress photo via Tumblr; 3) Circle Scarf Magellanic Cloud Nebula from SHADOWPLAYNYC (Php 2968.04); 4) Purple distressed Galaxy shorts from ERINGRACEM (Php 2868.04); 5) Madeline Triangle Space Print Skirt from SHADOWPLAYNYC (Php 6301.37)

Photos from Etsy and various sources.

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Marcella Giron studied AB-Arts Management at the De La Salle-College Of Saint Benilde. She is a freelance fashion stylist and playwright, and the Creator and CEO of Curvy Gal Philippines. She is a plus-size advocate and a believer in the power of social media and branding.

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